About US

Landofgenie ia new ABDL brand from the US, and it is founded in 2022.
With our unique US designer team, expertise, and strategies we are able to provide affordable, high-quality and cute ABDL clothes/diaper/pacifier/socks.

We source top-quality fabrics, laces from over 50 vendors and use the latest sewing equipment to ensure the highest quality of all our products. and we have professional US design team to provide newest style every month.

Landofgenie has assisted some business people and entrepreneurs with developing their ABDL products business. Generally, there are 2 approaches by which we can assist you with the hottest as well as the trendiest clothing with your current clients.

Firstly, you can go along with us as a retailer or distributor to give your clients our top style clothing or othre ABDL products at reasonable costs. We provide quick delivery permit by our adequate inventory Levels, and employ our friendly, helpful sales staff to assist you throughout your order process.

Secondly, you can join us as a drop shipper. All you have to do is find a customer, and we take care of storage, transportation, replenishment and manufacturing for you.

At Landofgenie, we have all that you're searching for in ONE provider:

• New ABDL products every month

• Diverse product range

• Massive capacity factories and warehouses

• Reasonable Prices

• Low Minimum Orders

• Bulk order discount

• 24/7 Customer Service

• Very adequate inventory Levels

• Secured order & payment process

• Solid and Resilient Packing

• Skilled and Qualified Textile Specialists as well as Models

So developing your apparel retail or drop-shipping business has never been much easier. Join the Landofgenie family today to grow together.

We look forward to working with you!

Email: Service@landofgenie.com